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Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) is an actor who plays Mackenzie on the show Mac Kenzie Falls and is now the newest star of So Random! Chad Dylan Cooper also goes by, "CDC", "Chaddy", or simply "Chad", and his last name used to be Goldfarb. Despite his constant antagonism with the So Random!He believes that comedy only involves being "funny", something that he thinks is stupid. cast, Chad is capable of working with them in some cases, occasionally treating them civilly and even engages in casual conversations with them on multiple occasions.In "Sonny and the Studio Brat", Sonny revealed that Chad thinks Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are actually two different people.To make James Conroy jealous, Sonny went on a fake date with Chad in "Sonny With a Chance of Dating".He usually wears the Mac Kenzie Falls cast uniform, but outside of the studio he dresses casually.Despite his egotistical and selfish behavior, Chad can be very caring and compassionate, mostly towards Sonny.Chad is a changed man ever since he started dating Sonny.In That's So Sonny, Chad kept choosing Sonny over Amber and said that She's the only fan who he really cares about. " meaning he really thinks Randoms aren't so bad after all!

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They go on a date the following day, but Chad gets so nervous he throws up, ruining the date.

Chad would do anything to make Sonny happy, until the point where she broke up with him each time. He and Sonny dated, although their respective shows are rivals and they didn't care that their shows were enemies.

Portlyn co-stars with Chad in the hit tween drama Mac Kenzie Falls.

Sonny Munroe recently broke up with him in the episode "Sonny With a Choice." He also took over Sonny's role on "So Random!

" due to Demi Lovato's decision to leave Sonny With a Chance.

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