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By July the Internet's premier RSS service is shutting down forever, leaving users to find a replacement on their own.If you're looking for an equivalent to Google these are just..., which may not be so popular but are definitely worth trying. Miniflux is a relatively young RSS reader, having first debuted in March 2013 to little fanfare.Last up we have Digg Reader, which has no relation to the new Digg which was unveiled back in 2012.While the Digg brand has certainly lost a lot of its luster, don’t let that turn you away from Digg Reader. In fact, out of all the minimalist RSS readers on this list, I’d have to say that Digg Reader comes out on top as the winner.If you ever get sick of the minimalism, you can add your own custom CSS styles to personalize the look-and-feel however you wish.

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If Go Read wants to base themselves on a design that’s already tried and true, I can’t fault them for it.I’ve had reservations against this web app for a while, mostly because I’ve had poor experiences with it every time I decided to give it a shot.Well, color me surprised when I gave it one more try and actually walked away impressed.While Comma Feed has had its ups and downs over the years — including a period of constant outage due to growing pains — it’s still around.Originally designed as a Google Reader replacement, it has since taken on a style and direction of its own, leading it towards a design that’s even more pared down than Google Reader ever was.

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