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The sender is usually a control—such as a button, slider, or switch—that can trigger an event in response to user interaction such as a tap, drag, or value change.This pattern is extremely common in i OS app programming, and you’ll be seeing much more of it throughout the lessons.Ten months ago at my team we reached that point that I think any mobile developer know about. Should we keep coding the same things two/three times?Master a programming language and a technology is difficult, think about three.When rendered (inspect the running page with Firebug or look at the source in the browser) you will see a plain old HTML select element., which encapsulates the app’s data, and the views that display that data, manage the life cycle of their content views, handle orientation changes when the device is rotated, define the navigation within your app, and implement the behavior to respond to user input. You can then create a connection between those classes and scenes in your storyboard to get the behavior you defined in code and the user interface you defined in your storyboard.

To connect the text field to the View Controller.swift code The system sends the message by calling the action method on the target and passing in the sender object.

Or put in a better way, Spring does not get in your way.

Let’s look at some initial code in the JSP where we have two selects.

You do this by defining additional connections—called outlets and actions—between the views in the storyboard and the view controller source code files.

provide a way to reference interface objects—the objects you added to your storyboard—from source code files.

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