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When Rachel tries to seduce Chloe, Max leaves the house in tears and it's up to Chloe to help Max understand that she loves her, not Rachel, above all else.

She could be half demon, look like a demon and be born with the sole purpose of bringing the end of the world. Voted Runner-up for "Best Morgan/Garcia" in the 2016 Profiler's Choice Awards!

But for Beast Boy, that kind of thing don't matter to him, he loves Raven and it was time to prove it to her. So if you haven't yet seen the episode, I recommend you stop watching before the ending scene and imagine this instead! Max and Kate have been speaking to each other for two years.

Meeting online, they wanted to keep their identities, face and name, a secret until they met in real life. Boy meets girl, girl is an alien queen, alien queen abandons Empire to have a half-human child. [Oneshot] [Suicidal ideation tw] (Pricefield)Pearl and Mystery Girl finally go out on their first date, to the Roller Derby, with Amethyst and Steven of course spying on them both the entire time to make sure everything goes smoothly.

However, while he helps her, she does something that she, Steven and the gems will never forget. Perhaps forever..."She had chin-length, bright blue hair that hung in messy waves, shoved haphazardly in a beanie. Her eyes were the same ocean blue- and with the same depth that had always fascinated Max. Wolfgang worries he will never see his Cluster or Kala ever again. The happy ending we all wanted and deserved [kalawolfgang] Season 2 Spoilers"His heart… She came in his life like a flood, when he was less expecting it.

He did not expect to meet his classmate Tsuyu Asui under the shelter.

He certainly did not expect to grow so close to the girl...

Pearl thought that after the gem war, she could handle anything. This is terrifying to her.[On Hiatus] Steven is happy to have a best friend always by his side.

However, he starts to have affectionate feelings he's afraid aren't possibly mutual. Reading Time: 2h16m26s Kumiko es una persona práctica y Reina le ofrece una propuesta que ella simplemente no puede rechazar.

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