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(Source: Wikipedia)Yuuki is a girl who lies about her gender to enroll in the theater department of Getsuryou academy, an all boys’ school where all the students are required to stay in the dorm.

While hiding the fact that she’s a girl, every day, she tries hard to study acting, the subject that she loves so much.

But little does she know that Nan Lee has plans of his own for her…and she’s about to fall into his trap!

A cool and cunning guy, Jun-kun has stolen a kiss away from Momo! (I Envy You) - a hip, moving, topsy-turvy look at the lives and loves, trials and travails of 4 teenage girls.

Tatoe Hai Ni Natte Mo 11 Witch Craft Works 68 Kissxsis 117 Yowamushi Pedal 367 Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism 18 Kono Bijutsubu Ni Wa Mondai Ga Aru!

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One day, an upperclassman, Riku, found out her secret, causing Yuuki to be very worried, but she gradually got attracted to him.

At the same time, she came to know the real reason why she was brought up as a boy…

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Is there something more to this country and the Kapalu plant than meets the eye?(Source: shinkeikaku)A scientist finds a brain in an alley and implants it into the body of his beloved, Nina. But when Kyouko persists Jin makes an offer: if he scores in the top thirty Kyouko must never see him again! However, she has no confidence in her drawings, so she never shows them to anyone, especially because then children said they suck in her dreams.It turns out the brain belonged to a boy, Misumi Yutaka, and he is none too happy to find himself in a female body. (Source: Manga Traders)Fujitani-kun, Sao's classmate, is a prince, but he uses girls and then throws them away: he's truly "an enemy of women". One day, she happens to meet Akane, a spirit from a sakura tree.In an attempt to help a friend with her love, Sae becomes closer with a classmate named Yuuki, who works at a cafe. Will this closeness develop into a one or two-sided love?(Source: M-U)Miyaji Rintaro is a normal salary man who visits the foreign country of Gladimar to seal a business contract to export a rare plant called Kapalu.

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