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But once you're done with it, you can spray it with a matte finish coating that will take, just like any other pencil work. Your idea about using a charcoal pencil to make a line come to life is bang on. It doesn't have to be pencil on paper.well, i'm a sculptor. i do sketches daily to keep up the 2D drawing skill. After that i scan the drawings put them in photoshop and color them, afterwards after i got a preview of what i have accomplished in the drawing i pass it to model it in 3d and maybe get it for an animation and or render it for a matte painting.

Rainbowfish, I'm excited for you and your interest in art. My favourite combination is pencil, ink, and coloured pencils. i also have mixtures of glues and acrylic paints and draw witht those. i draw with sharpies, paints, shoe polish, thread, rope, pens, pencils, soldering guns, etc..list goes on forever. I've started drawing in charcoal as an introduction to working with pastel; similiar technique as to being soft tactile medium.

I mix conte (which is a type of pastel that is is brittle) and soft pastels all the time- it blends well. Pastel pencils are good as well but harder than regular pastels but you can buy a set fairly affordably.

However, if you do decide to go the soft pastel route, buy a few well chosen colours from the professional lines. I have conte pencils like you are describing - "little square-edged sticks, no wood on them"!

The down side is that the pencils are very dry and there is a very dusty residue. Seriously, conte', chalk, ink, stain, glue, sand, a sharp stick, a blueberry... You can find tons of cool stuff to make marks on tons of other cool stuff. Just be sure to use lines going in one direction to shade. I like art supplies in pencil form so you don't have to keep struggling for a point, ya just sharpen it. For the cartoon based drawings i use mostly those cheap staedtler pencils normally 2h (green tip) , for shading a pencil b (orange tip) and then i ink the drawings with either rotrings or staedtler pigment liners.

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